Biker White House

Neither an upgrade nor a downgrade…the addition of Anthony Scaramucci to the White House staff was a side-grade. As Trump shuffles his staff, like a drunk shuffling cards, the President’s truest nature becomes reflected in his choices. Scaramucci, Trump’s newly ousted communications director wasn’t really a director at all, he was a meme channeling Trump-the-Thug.

Bannon doesn’t just suck any cock…only his own.  Should that have been taken as a criticism?  Was Scaramucci admonishing Bannon for not sucking the Presidents (assuming he could find it).  Was Scaramucci, in the same breath showing Bannon how it is done?  The culmination of a bromance having gone that extra step.

At some point, fast approaching; the bikers, the brawlers, the Hilllary haters, the immigrant haters and race baiters are going to see the current occupants of the White House and it’s West Wing for what they are; imposters, poseurs and sandbox sissies.

This entire Washington crew, not only can’t shoot straight, they don’t even know which way to point their guns.

Drain-the-swamp?  Trump has restocked it, raising the swamp’s water level to the point that those who are in it appear like the bobble-heads posed on the rear and fore decks of late model cars.

Scaramucci replaced the silver tongued Milo Yiannopoulos as the President’s herald, another full lipped fruitcake spewing spittle-laced epithets for the ever thirsty crowds lined up to lick muck from the fancy florsheimed feet of the denizens of the Pennsylvania Ave. swamp.

The little man with the big mouth, the one who was fired from Goldman Sachs,  wasn’t fit even to lick the boots of President Trump.  That the President hired Scaramucci reflected the President’s utter disdain for the American public and in particular his party and his supporters.

President Trump ought to take Kristin Beck’s challenge, so he can show the American people and the rest of the World what, besides a big mouth, he’s got.