Contra Clean Feminism

Facebook posts sparked by Senator Gillibrand’s call for ousting Al Franken and the ongoing #MeToo movement.

Feminism on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

The media has always been happy to portray feminism as sexually anxious, phobic about sex, disgusted by sex, a dodge like a cloister for people unable to swim in the complexities of desire and sexual expression. You want to discredit feminism? Say it will take away your orgasms. When feminism is a stand-in for prudery or a carrier of prudery, cluelessness, humorlessness, priggishness, and sexual disgust, it arms the opponents of freedom for women and freedom for them to have sex. It gives the Right ammunition to keep women infantalized rather than granted full access to the world and their own desires to fuck who they want, dress the way they want, and occupy public space without permission or protection. The way to stop male aggression is to stop male aggression. Get males to stop. Don’t wink or protect the men who feel entitled to prey and rape and harm and coerce. When women do not make the distinction between a stupid and foolish and perhaps clueless and insensitive gesture and rape and vicious misogyny, they join the stupids of the world who positively hate sex and especially hate the idea of women choosing who they fuck and when they do it.


You want people to hate the kind of feminism that seeks to reroute the entire culture? Then design and celebrate a kind of feminism that is priggish, turns up its nose at the reality of erotic expression, has no sense of irony about itself or anything else, makes no distinction between rapists and clodish losers who have media power and cop feels, makes sexual shittiness the worst kind of shittiness there can be when there are so many other really bad shittinesses. Create a kind of feminism that is scared and teary and really really feminine and girly. Of course it will be popular because it will ask people to rethink nothing about what a female human really is and thinks. Things that are not so nice, not so kosher, really rather butch, and full of interest in getting laid and guaranteeing abortion rights.

Choosy Women

In this cultural turn where women are reporting on and being understood as victims of sexual aggression, I wanted to add a note on female predators. Being preyed upon sexually numerous times and understood in a way that feels alien to the way I see myself have not drained my interest in sex and in thinking about sex. They are two different categories…

Let’s have a conversation about female predators. The waters are calm and need further stirring. I love female predators, female pirates, female outlaws from the gender grid. Any woman with lots and lots of erotic frizz and fur around her looks like a predator in the world of what women are supposed to be. When I speak about female predators, I am not speaking about women who have their dicks in their hands and are masturbating naked in front of you when you come for a business meeting. I am not speaking about someone who holds another person hostage. I am talking about females who do not wait to be chosen and in some cases keep asking for more. They persist and can be annoying. They can be Play Misty for Me and I Love Dick and Fatal Attraction. I Love Dick is Fatal Attraction as told by a woman instead of a man. In the man’s telling, the desiring female is a monster. In the woman’s telling, she is a hero. In the woman’s telling, there is no cooked bunny and no family harmed. It is a story of a female who is smitten and does not need encouragement to continue yearning. It is a story that shows how amazingly exciting it is not to wait to be asked. To take the reins. To experience the creative burst of claiming a muse. The male sexual predator thinks it’s okay to take what does not belong to him because he believes everything belongs to him. The female sexual predator performs a great social transgression by daring to take anything. She swiftly crosses a room to stand before the object of her desire, looking him or her or some kind of liquid gendered person in the eyes and smiling in a way they cannot mistake for anything but attraction, asking, How about it? being the one to make the first move, watching what happens to the other person’s body language when they understand they have been chosen. Try it, girls! This is the hunt, not a rape or an ambush. He or she or they can say no, and move on.

A Solution to Sexual Harassment

How to end sexual harassment! At the age of 17, every young person will need to pass a test showing they can give a female an orgasm performing oral sex and also they must, wearing a blindfold, find the clitoris!