Fearful Ghazal

If yearning won’t motivate you, try fear.
Some people punch from sorrow, cry from fear.

The Republicans steal with a tax bill.
The rich purchase favors. The poor buy fear.

The start of a romance brings dewy
anticipation. The end, dry fear.

Sneaking into weddings, birth rooms, bird-rich
afternoons. Disguised as reason, sly fear.

My grandmother fed me her heritage
soft-boiled eggs in bright cups, matzo brie, fear.

The greedy live by the need to grab.
Artists, the whim of the muse. The shy, fear.

More ardent than my lover, loyal than
my dog. With me even in dreams, my fear.

Agrostophobia is terror of grass.
Uranophobia is sky-fear.

A stretched smile betrays deceit, clenched fingers
give away hunger. A twitchy eye, fear.

Shake off your election-shock, Alison.
Stand up and take action, don’t lie in fear.