Primary Wallow

Slightly compacted familial e-mails on the Campaign Trail.

First Thought, Best Thought

Here’s the first thing about Bill to remember:

He betrayed Hillary (I’m not just talking the once-licking and future pig). And he CONTINUES to betray her daily–by defending a regime of shit (welfare “reform,” tax “reform,” SEC rules “reform,” prison “reform,” drug penalties “reform,” why stop here?) that she has outright rejected.

And he calls publicly defending his shit that she has rejected, as Senator and as Mme Secretary for Obama, and that she publicly rejects everyday,

“campaigning for her.”

Give her a little slack. The guy’s so profligate she thought every nickel they had he’d lose in some hare-brained scheme. Like that piece o shit “foundation” that sucks the dick of every cro-magnum (that’s a shah with a bottle of cristal). So she went and made some bucks in the slimy way she did. And slimeball Albright and Powell had done before her. No excuses.

Anyway, man pisses me off. So I take her side, knowing he’s not helping. And he never will.


Why It Matters

She needs to stop attending to the Bill he constantly demands paid, and start listening to Bernie. (No bomb walks for Syrians, 15 bucks an hour, fuck the banks.)

Which can’t happen if Bill blocks her ears to hearing how far away from him she must be…

Bernie must stop making it easy for Hillary’s momentary distraction of billishness–by crapping all over her in illegitimate ways. No qualifications? No judgment? These are high-and-mighties, Bernie, and fuck you tonally. Go ahead with the Real and the True: she voted for war when she shouldn’t have (me: you should never vote for war. sorry, guys: that’s never.) She sucked up to folk. She companionated poorly. But name it: the folk, the companion’s bad works, if you must. But keep on the Redistribution & Peace Now mandates: you need to wring Hillary to the bone, instead of making her comfy with old household arguments. (Yep, I have to believe they went on, in the House. Bill goes for DOMA, Hill goes to her wifely office, where lesbians and gays and their staffly friends must lower their eyes, in shame for her . . . Maybe this history/fantasy is too pretty? Okkkkkk! But face it: Bernie aint ever gonna be great, greeting the subject of gays that barely bumped him before he ran for P.)

Whooof. De trop. But I want them to get crackin. Bernie cracks Hill, Bill cracks in the middle, goes to ground, to be tiptoed over and dispatched in two weakened pieces to, I dunno, Wyoming.


Reach Out

Her speeches are so vile, she speaks them so badly, look for the hills whence cometh her help, and those hills, various characters must be found imaginatively. Days back, it was the La Hillary supporter in a basement and today I saw a big guy from Queens, local pol repping East Indians and West Indians and more good-food makers, put his big arm around her looking small, Mom-like small, with real affection. Taking touches easy is a good thing.

Man, I’m workin here. I want a fucking third, surrogate’s all we got…

Go Bernie: GET HER STRAIGHTENED OUT, get yrself a little Wright Patman you vague-assed sack o shit…

Bernie’s at 41. C’mon B, you gotta put the fear of a black and girly planet in her.


Fear and Craving on Arthur Avenue

You’d be worried too if you saw Kasich in the city. Boy was eating–appetitively, with repetition (seconds of pasta bolognese, seconds with a glass of wine, first turned down then irresisted), and fully-coursed by a beautiful sandwich on beautiful bread, creamily buttered, and beany soup–and dessert to go. He looked great. He was enjoying every mouthful and radiating full lack of allegiance to manners when it comes to tasting and taking more. It was so likable you’d never think he was a cold prick taking the food and abortions from life chances of 14-year-olds.

Fuckin scary. Hence my pickin the scabs and shovin them out. Burn before reading, by this pt. I just do want things to keep being so astonishingly different from when I came up. I look around, on good seeing, the terrain is unrecognizable. Even where is bad bad.

(Did you know that on a corner in Queens there’s beautifully named store EASYWORLD. And cross the way day laborers gather. On fuckin New York street. D. Huerta needs to organize, under the store marquee.)

Just to remember about Hillary, mid-abuse: she persuaded Obama that the Mandate was essential to universal health care. And he got it, finally. He gave her credit for being right, and gave a great talk about “his peeps” (it was funny, too) takin umbrage but gots to be. I remember it, coz it was fine on both sides.

Jesus Obama is swell. He has thought before he talks, and still he thinks while he talks. We will never see this again.


April 10-11, 2016