ADAM HOCHSCHILD: "The issues you sent kept me reading for an hour, when I had intended to toss them aside after five minutes...First is eclectic, unpredictable, thoughtful. You've made quite a remarkable home for an interesting collection of voices."

PATRICIA WILLIAMS: "First of the Month is the brilliant last barrier between you and the devouring maw of media conglomeration. Reading it is like rescue."

KURT VONNEGUT: "I was already thoroughly demoralized by awareness that brilliant pro-bono writing was going on all over the fucking country. Now Claremont Avenue, for Christ's sake, checks in!" (1999) "Where do you find all these magical writers? Nat Finkelstein's harrowing piece would be relevant at any time."(2004).

ROBERT SILVERS: "I was impressed by much in First of the Month. Good luck with it."

WILLIAM GREIDER: "Your paper has an engaging mix of cultural-political currents...Your free-spirited approach seems exactly attuned to the times -- when all the old idols are falling and some are already dead and stuffed in museums."

OSSIE DAVIS: "First of the Month is spirited and stimulating and controversial in the best sense of the word."

ROBERT FARRIS THOMPSON: "Wonderful...You now have one of the liveliest and most relevant discourses going on in American print in your pages."

SONNY ROLLINS: "Keep up the good work!!"

KATE MILLETT: "I adore First of the Month and want more... A splendid read - do keep trucking."

THOM BABE: "Unique. Filling a void between the NY Review of Books and The Nation, a left lean with sex appeal. I'm sure Tim Mayer would be proud to be seen in your pages."

PHILIP LEVINE: "Readable as hell."

CHRISTINE STANSELL: "Great issues...Your Sept 11 issue was the only thoughtful response I saw from the Left. Greil Marcus's article was a classic. And this new issue is terrific too."

JONATHAN KOZOL: "I like First of the Month...It's strong, sophisticated, gutsy."

FRANK RICH: "I do like First of the Month. Congratulations and keep it coming!"

ELLEN WILLIS: "Good issue. I enjoyed Smoler and O'Brien who is a real high-style ranter. (Best I've read since Camille Paglia. I'm not being sarcastic.)"

THOMAS BENDER: "First of the Month is a wonderfully lively magazine, with provocative ideas popping out everywhere. There is in it a sense of energy and of fun, along with political seriousness."

HOWARD ZINN: "The latest issue of First is terrific. Too many good pieces for me to single out any -- but the Just Another War pictures and text is especially powerful."

JOHN LELAND: "Another excellent issue! Loved Reed on WJ Wilson."

JOE CONASON: "I enjoyed First of the Month."

CHARLES KEIL: "Geniusy juxtapositions...An amazing compilation."

NAT HENTOFF: Very good stuff...[First is] more and more impressive.

SCOTT SPENCER: "Alive, sharp, stimulating."

DANNY SCHECHTER: "The newspaper is great."

HANS KONING: "The real New Left (not the Clinton/Blair babble) needs a new vocabulary. First of the Month is building it."

JULIAN BOND: "[Amiri] Baraka and [Charles] Payne...are great."

SYLVIA WYNTER: "First of the Month is excellent and a delight to read...It assured me the dream of transforming the world is still alive and kicking."

CHARLES SCRIBNER III: [O'Brien's critique of George Steiner] "is erudite, witty and devastating...makes Jonathan Swift look like a lapdog."

NOAM CHOMSKY: "Good luck on First of the Month (particularly enjoyed piece on Steiner)...Looks like a very promising endeavor!"

RICHARD GOLDSTEIN: "First of the Month contains serious essays on the culture...Unlike so much of what passes for alternative journalism, these cultural dispatches carry a distinctively, but not didactically, political edge."

TOM CARSON: "If reading First of the Month's take on him doesn't drive Dan Rather to look for a new job as a circus geek -- then let's face it, nothing will."

JOHNNY RAY HOUSTON: "Arts writing divorced from the publicity machinery and political writing that mixes incite with insight."

DOUG SIMMONS: "You've set a high standard!"

BILL AYERS: "FOTM is an antidote to the flabby thinking and voyeuristic writing that characterizes the diversionary press."

JEREMY BRECHER: "To paraphrase the piano player in Shoot the Piano Player, ‘Imagination's what we need, man.'"

DAVID RITZ: "Reading First with great interest and excitement. I especially liked the long riff on Greil Marcus...Loved Charlie Keil's thoughts on Kosovo."

HAKIM BEY: "I do like First of the Month. It lasts longer than a cup of coffee."

HERBERT GANS: "Enjoyed First of the Month. Glad it is on the scene."

PAUL BUHLE: "Nobody [on the left] publishes so much interesting poetry – Tuli to Alison Stone, whose provocative poetry is perfectly fabulous. Great Stuff."

JESSE LEMISCH: "Fascinating reading."

NED CHASE: "One of those small periodicals...Crucial in the evolution of ideas and cultural enrichment."

PETER GURALNICK: "Really enjoyed the paper. Liked the [Sam] Cooke piece too. I disagreed with some parts...but it was well and vigorously argued."

GRACE LEE BOGGS: "Armond White's review is awesome...Appreciated the analysis of rap."