Garden party laughter in the wind.
Find out what’s for dinner from the wind.

Humans seek oracles, horoscopes. Dogs
trust their noses. Birds are believers in wind.

How many unanswered prayers before
a child learns, why ask a favor of wind?

City years. Hidden by concrete and glass,
I lost starlight, became a stranger to wind.

Family visit. Old hurts and hungers
wake, the way guttered leaves stir in the wind.

The president speaks but says nothing.
Yuge. Big league. Bad. Jumbled phrases. Pure wind.

Clothes on the line, limp as shed skins until turned
by the whim of the wind into specters. Wind

calls as rain smacks the windows and branches crack.
We head out, drawn by the lure of the wind.

Stranded hiker shouts into his cell as
the storm hits. Last love words blur in the wind.

I’m the daughter of Stone, bride of fire,
mistress of rivers, sister of wind.