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Ghazal of Twat

By Alison Stone

Lover, tell me what you see down there.
I tried a mirror, but it's hairy down there.

Jewel of many names - lotus garden,
nappy dugout, yoni, down there.

Lilith got bored with missionary.
Kneel and taste the honey down there.

Adam refused. I need a woman under me.
Besides, you bleed and pee down there.

Shiny lips, real hair, but Eve is missing
something. Just a plastic V down there.

Men dream of women filled with teeth
and razor blades - an arsenal of weaponry down there.

On today's show: Pre-teen sluts confess to Mom,
That ain't no cherry down there.

Tomorrow frustrated women teach their husbands
how to solve the mystery down there.

If a man cooks dinner, he'll expect
to dive into the sea down there.

Magazines push perfume, yogurt.
Take pains not to smell fishy down there.

Be creative -- shave a stripe or heart.
Just don't go crazy down there.

Kick him to the curb if he forgets
your birthday or is lazy down there.

Scientists debate fidelity. Perhaps men aren't creeps;
they're drawn by DNA to seek variety down there.

Forget my MENSA mind and wit, my great legs.
You'll find the best of me down there.

I will know my true love by his eyes and when he says,
You're gorgeous, Stone. I want to spend eternity down there.

From March, 2001