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Unity & Struggle

By Amiri Baraka

Amiri Baraka issues a Call to "FIRST" readers.

WHAT IS THE WORK OF THAT PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATRIC COALITION THAT ELECTED OBAMA? That is the central question, the key link in the work of Revolutionaries, Progressives, Marxists today. I proposed this panel to a "Left Forum" revving up. But this is a question that must be debated across the widest spectrum of progressive opinion. Even these people do not seem to know what has happened. The titles of three of my eight or so essays on Obama (which I guess I will publish in Feb-March) carry the load of what needs to be understood. "We Are Already In The Future!" written right after the election; "Obama & The Tragic Errors of Weimar," refers to the early twentieth century debate in the German Weimar Republic between the Communists, Social Democrats, Unions &c, after electing a social democratic government, about whether they had socialism or not, while Hitler and his fascists prepared to swoop down and destroy the last democratic government before Fascism and "Our Victories Give Our Enemies Weapons They Did Not Have Before!" about the Right Backlash and the so called Tea Party Movement.

It would be great if we could collectively get hold of some large venue and pull together Progressives across the spectrum to set such an agenda, list the key proposals, and then create task forces to go about acomplishing these. Rather than sit back and criticize and nit pick Obama rather than fighting the forces that are fighting him and making it impossible to do the things that we need and that we should be demanding of him. But we must begin to Fight the Right!

1/29/10 Newark NJ

From February, 2010

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